Basic Seo Remedies: Discovering Seo Problems

Search engines have changed a lot in the past few years. Still, links to a website matter to the major search engines. Any Denver SEO company representative will tell website owners that quality wins over quantity when it comes to gathering backlinks to a website these days. This is the most true for Google, but it is also still true for Yahoo! and Bing.

It's Time to Consider Better Linking Tactics: Relevance and Authority

To compete for top ranks, it's time to consider a better linking strategy that can help websites ride out changes to search engine algorithm changes and increase their traffic even without an increase in ranks. In fact, the best linking strategy today is to try to gather backlinks like ranks really don't matter at all.

This is not to suggest that SEOs should try to collect low-quality links. Search engines may just ignore those. At the worst, they may even penalize sites for getting lots of low-quality links. However, the value of links should be considered for other factors besides their potential to help increase links.

These are important things to consider today:

Relevance: Every website owner should have some idea of his or her intended audience. It's much better to find backlinks on other sites that are likely to appeal to that audience. For example, a pediatric dentist might look for local parenting blogs. A shoe store might find customers for supportive walking shoes on a health website. Relevance helps deliver quality traffic, and it also seems to factor into search ranking these days.

Authority: There are lots of reasons to covet links from authority sites. The main reason is that these sites should have their own traffic that they can send directly to any other site they mention or link to. A review or mention on an authority site may help rankings, but it should also help boost 10K business training traffic directly.

By placing an emphasis on relevance and authority, SEOs can help clients weather changes in ranking schemes. They should also help their clients gain more brand recognition and direct traffic that doesn't rely upon search rankings at all.

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